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Characters: The Angel Aziraphale and The Demon Crowley

Tag: Enemies to Lovers

6,000 years of pining finally catch up to one stuffy ethereal being and one occult mess.

At the end of the world there was only one bed and two dumb idiots

who finally got their shit together. 

Good Omens_3_Inda
Good Omens_1_Inda

The lights wash the stage with a warm, inviting glow revealing a comfy looking chair situated next to a small table with a massive classic tome and, what appears to be, a box of supremely fancy chocolates. A shining, ethereal being, beaming, enters from the wings, dressed from top to toe in various shades of beige and pale tartan. It's not exactly stylish (though don't tell her that), but it gives off a sort of sexy librarian vibe. The pale blonde beauty takes center stage, winks at the audience, and snaps her fingers. As if summoned, "Killer Queen" by Queen fills the auditorium, and the angel begins to dance modestly for the crowd. Once she has executed a passable gavotte (angels don't really dance after all), she retreats to her chair, pops a chocolate into her mouth, and begins to read The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde...

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