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Character: Ororo Munroe aka Storm

Tag: Hurt/Comfort

After being forcibly removed from her village, Ororo indulges in her own strength and power to transform herself from a failed goddess into the omega level mutant and future leader of the

X-Men, Storm!

Wild like the wind. Photo credit: Pez Photography
Power from within & above. Photo credit: Pez Photography
Gathering strength from the sky! Photo Credit: Pez Photography
The Storm Begins. Photo credit: Pez Photography

A flash of lightning followed by a vicious thunder crack jolts the audience and forces their collective focus onto the darkened stage. The darkness slowly ebbs as the dramatic chords of “Apologize” by Timbaland and OneRepublic flood the room. A figure dressed in a tattered white dress walking painfully slow with their hand plastered to their side emerges from the wings. Their hair is a shocking shade of white, and their expression is grim. They reach a bloody hand to the skies revealing a small wound on their abdomen to the room. The sky does not answer them, and they collapse to the ground...

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