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Character: S'chn T'gai Spock

Tag: Sex Compulsion

Unknowingly, Mr. Spock has entered Pon Farr, the time of mating. Left with little alternative - it is a fuck or die situation after all - he deduces that the most logical thing to do given the circumstances is to give in to those unacknowledged, potent biological urges for his Captain. 

Pointy ears are sexy! Photo Credit: Pez Photography
Release The Kirken! Photo Credit: Pez Photography
Feeling those "biological" urges! Photo Credit: Pez Photography
She blinded me with Ek'Tal! Photo Credit: Pez Photography

A voice pierces the darkness. A steady, dispassionate narrator speaks to the audience as the lights slowly wash the stage in a warm, desert red. "Every seven years, the adult Vulcan male must endure a time when his logic is ripped from him when a lifetime of suppressed emotion erupts to the surface. It is the Pon Farr - the time of mating." The stage is fully illuminated as the familiar chords of "She Blinded Me with Science" replace the voice in the dark. A young science officer flushed green with pointed ears stumbles onto the stage visibly distressed, and confused, not only by the abrupt changes felt in her body but at the sight of an audience full of witnesses...

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